Create to Commemorate


This project was in response to objects from the Hussey Vivian exhibit by the Royal Cornwall Museum. I have always found that out of all the historical pieces I’ve seen or held the ones that affect me the most are the household objects. Items such as plates and cups are such an integral part of human life; they are instantly relatable. From Hussey Vivians campaign fork and pewter vessels I was inspired to look at my own family history through the use of domestic vessels. 

Philip Thornton, as the son of a tailor, insisted on joining the cavalry after taking a fancy to the uniform. Dispatched to Greece he spent what turned out to be the best years of his life learning how to horse ride. As a Londoner who had never left Britain this period had a profound effect on his life. 

I have incorporated extracts of his memoirs here on to army mess kits and water canteens.