About Hannah Walters

Hannah Walters is a ceramic artist currently based in Cardiff.

There are a number of historical influences over Hannah’s work, from her exploration of classical greek sculpture to her current practise that draws from delftware and antique Wedgewood. 

She finds a humour and certain humanity in 1800s European ceramics, they can often have a functionality that has been shoehorned in and that sits uncomfortably with its form. These are aspects that create such character in a piece and a connection with the viewer. In bringing a contemporary touch to traditional techniques Hannah aims to capture this character in new ways. 

There are Figurative links throughout her current work and previous projects. This comes back to her life drawing practise in which she finds parallels with her ceramic work, she finds links from looking at the similarities between charcoal and clay. Like charcoal, clay has an immediacy to it, any mark or touch is documented in its surface and, almost like a smudge, when you add a mark it is tricky to take it away to that perfect untouched finish. There is a rawness to both materials, something very earthy and primitive. Both have been used for centuries as a way to express the human figure. 

 Hannah combines these elements in new ways to experiment and continue furthering her practise.